Make a wish! – Hidirellez

Because kilometers away from home, we were a group of people sharing a similar background and we all wanted to unite to celebrate spring (mind you I had never done it before while living in Turkey) and while doing so we invited other friends from various backgrounds to spread the joy…

How happy are you?

At the end of the exhibition there were 10 huge gumball dispensers and it said “How Happy Are You? On  scale from 1-10? Take one gumball from the corresponding machine (one per person, please)” I went for an eight, the machine did not give me a gumball, I tried another two times, nothing. So, I went to nine and got my gumball. I guess there is always something more that makes you happy than what you know anyway.

It is about the small things, always has been.

In my ultimate search for happiness, yes a quality of my generation I dig, we question things, also please keep telling us we cannot do things because reverse psychology seems to work on us as pointed out by an awesome friend to me, she is bonkers smart, I have come to a stage where I am becoming more and more conscious about the fact that bigger is not better.