“Swearing is not lady like” – Bite me!

I swear a lot. Sometimes I curse. Yes of course, there is a difference between the two. While swearing is offensive language, cursing is often a compilation of doom wishes. Often, I curse in Turkish because the language is almost made for that. Yes, they can highly overlap but overall these two go under profanity as far as I know.

I call it strong honest language. Many disagree. Shocker?!

People have warned me about my strong language usage, from my team lead to my boyfriend. In public, I behave myself – really! Well, at least most of the time.

The moment I feel comfortable enough around people to show the ‘real me’, whatever that may mean, the filter disappears.

For the ones who do not know me, briefly, I am opinionated, I am not afraid of speaking my mind, I get easily annoyed, I do remain respectful but you will know if something is bothering me.

Please do not come up with the word arrogant in your mind, that is such a buzz word …

You can say that I am judgmental but then again aren’t we all?

I always listen to people and take scenarios into account but you know, with some people you just observe them and you know what kind of material they are made of.

The emphatic caring kind or the selfish inconsiderate type…

The latter I cannot handle one bit and those are usually a great trigger for me to start using strong language.

You will mostly come across these types of people in “professional” environments because obviously you are not going to hang out with these types of people voluntarily if you do not like them… well then of course you have some family members … but let’s not get sidetracked and go there.

But, seriously, fuck other people.

Look back and focus on those moments where you almost completely lost it.

If you cannot – wow! Alien much? Let me give some context ….

You ever have that moment in the office, where you have been busting your ass off for weeks and have only done quality work and you sacrificed so much from your personal life and some superior or some person who earns more than you, completely belittles your work because of their insecurities, and upon that gives you more work (which is their work) …  or … that moment when you are just chilling in bed scrolling on instagram and you drop your phone on your face … or … that moment when there is no toilet paper anymore in the toilet and there is nobody to ask for a new roll … or … that moment while you are typing the most amazing text and your phone just shuts off … or … you miss your train after running so hard with only five seconds … or … just that moment where people are annoying you so much …

How on earth do you keep your cool?

And the more important question is why?

You know what, the scenarios don’t even have to be that agitating…

Simply, whenever I want to make a point some cussing just slips and it is just the way it is. Having a vagina does nothing to do with this.

I am not talking about hurting people’s feelings by using hurtful words, I am talking about the moments where you feel just so frustrated with yourself and you feel the urge to out that whatever sexuality you belong to.

So please unless you are my mother, for fucks sake stop telling me what to do.