Apples or Donuts? – both, thank you.

Eating healthy is hard.

There are a shit ton Instagram accounts I follow on a daily basis full of beautiful looking healthy meals. In the morning, I watch the lovely smoothie and oat bowl stories, at lunch I am watching the salads and sweet potato fries, and in the evening the soups, salmon, and the greens…

I admit that it is sort of masochistic because my guilt tripping peaks.

As someone who is working in the digital marketing analysis and strategy business I know that part of these influencer’s focus will be promoting a healthy lifestyle because most of them have indeed made healthy nutritional food consumption a way of living. I have so much respect for that but also I keep wondering howww???

Once the Mr. asked me whether I would become vegan if I had a 24/7 chef serving me, I said heck yeah! As long as the food is yum and I don’t have to think about it, I don’t care what the label is.

If I had my meals cooked and served to me, eating healthy wouldn’t be that hard.

Working 40-50 hours a week, maintaining a household, maintaining a social life, going to fitness 2-3 times a week, travelling often, and making sure you are healthy is very challenging.

After a long day at work, I am tired, my brain is drained.

There is almost no energy left to prepare a meal for myself.

[prepare for dramatic reaction]

How pathetic, I am so busy with trying to make someone else rich that I put my own health aside…

[back to reality]

Don’t get me wrong I am thankful for my job but that does not justify me putting my health on the side, I know that I need to get into action.

I have one body, one life, and one fucked up brain that keeps telling me that my ass and thighs are big enough to have its own orbit and moon. I just want to have this mind set improved even if it is a little bit.

Currently, there are a couple of things I try to keep consistent.

For instance, on Sundays after cleaning, I do my best to cook healthy. The food I prepare, I put into containers and try to make sure that I eat healthy in the evenings of the following three to four days.

Another thing I do is have healthy smoothies in the mornings and make sure to drink water with lemon juice to boost my metabolism.

Yet, there are many Sundays I skip cooking, there are mornings I rush out of the house and grab a croissant on the way, and days that I barely drink one liter of water.

I want to take care of myself and feel good in my own skin. Obviously, not all the time – that’s impossible with all emotions, hormones, and my love for pastry.

Let’s say I want to feel good in my own skin 80% of the time. Currently, I am at 55%…

Ambitious huh? This time I am determined.

This could be because I watched many StyleLikeU episodes and that I am going to visit family in Turkey in May … Unfortunately, many people (not all) are very focused on how you look from the outside in Turkey. I wish I was strong enough not to let it get to my head.

Sooo, through my GP, I got in touch with a nutritionist.

My GP warned me knowing my psychological struggles with self-image that she will allow me to give it a shot but that I need to report back in two months. I must say I am happy she is this considerate but she did apply the inception movie method there – planting the idea of therapy again in my mind…

One thing at a time…

Upcoming Thursday I have my first appointment, I googled her she seemed knowledgeable and nice. She already asked me to fill in a food diary of three days.

While filling in the online form my eyes got watery.

I know this healthy lifestyle road will not come naturally to me but the way I am living now I am not happy either.

I have a literal gut feeling from all the candy I just downed while typing this, this will be a bumpy but necessary journey to improve me as a person.