How happy are you?

Back in Lisbon and full in action.

After celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday with a Portuguese feast and good wine (the orange label with the pig on it, don’t remember its name #NotAWineConnoisseur, but definitely recommend it), we got a good night sleep and kicked off, Saturday (never not sleepy but it was good). My favorite day after my usually 40+ hour work week. You can do whatever you want, nothing is set for the next day either – it is this blissful 48 hour break.

I used to check my emails in the weekend but I figured if I am supposed to do this for another 45 years, I need my breaks. My (mental) health is important. For god’s sake we are living in an era where burning out is a constant  (in the western European lands), and parrots get treated for depression with Prozac! Yes, Roxxi, the parrot had mental health issues and is now doing much better thanks to Prozac. If you don’t believe me look it up.

Unwinding is important.

To unwind, our first stop was the gym, this Saturday morning. We took an Uber there because it was pouring. After the accident, with the tiniest bit of rain we both opt for a walk under the umbrella or an Uber ride if it is really pouring. Once in the Uber I got made fun of by the driver, he asked my man whether we were going to work out, he kindly replied and after that the Uber driver looked at me and said yes for her to wake up. Sir, obviously, to wake up. It is 10:00 AM in the morning on a Saturday. The workout was good, I decided from now on, I am going to make sure I get my necessary activities and exercises in, to remain healthy. Fuck thy abs, fuck thy thighs. I will make sure to be active, eat healthy (mostly), and sleep well – I will keep it real but nothing outrageous because I cannot handle it. No.

Bikini body talk already started and it is nauseating… I am embracing the curvy pale look this year, my jiggly thighs and I will be laying under a parasol covered with SPF +50 sunscreen. Thanks to a data analysis a dear friend and colleague of mine performed, as of this year I said goodbye to sunscreen which has Oxybenzone, alcohol, avobenzone, silicones, and parabens among ingredients. She always gives me great tips on make-up and skin care, her knowledge about the industry is mindblowing. God/Allah bless her! After our gym session, felt more awake! The Uber driver was right…

Brunch time finally arrived and we went to Fauna and Flora, the best pancakes of Lisbon are made here! As the place and food is highly Instagrammable there is a waiting time to get in, this time after 50 minutes we had a spot at a high table shared with other people. No problem at all! As long as we can eat, chat, and laugh we are good.

Our friend joined us and we started ordering …

The two girls right across us whom weren’t even able to finish 3 pancakes were staring and listening in awe to our non-ending order. Bitch, it is Saturday we worked out, the whole week we ate healthy and now it is time to feast, I wanted to yell in my hangry state of mind but instead I smiled at her and wondered when the last time it must have been for her when she feasted without any limitations… maybe our definitions of a feast was different, and those half eaten pancakes were hers… that would be hella sad though but I respect that.

Four groups of people came and left at the high table when we finally decided to go to the MAAT museum where there was Stefan Sagmeister’s exhibition on the Happy Show. An exhibition where you walk through Sagmeister’s perception and experience of happiness while he is trying to increase his happiness via meditation, cognitive therapy, and mood altering pharmaceuticals. The one thing we are all aiming to become was right there shown through data, audio visuals, statements, and a beautiful personal story. There were times my eyes teared up because his message was so raw and came so close… At the end of the exhibition there were 10 huge gumball dispensers and it said “How Happy Are You? On  scale from 1-10? Take one gumball from the corresponding machine (one per person, please)” I went for an eight, the machine did not give me a gumball, I tried another two times, nothing. So, I went to nine and got my gumball. I guess there is always something more that makes you happy than what you know anyway.

Through another machine, which prints cards he gave me a task as well, ‘make a complete stranger laugh out loud’, didn’t get that far, yet. Walked out of the museum and from there we went on to another feast at a Nepalese restaurant…  

On our way, I thought to myself, I am happy I am not checking my emails in the weekend anymore, I am happy because I am not worried about that one cellulite dent in my thigh, and I am happy because I am surrounded by amazing inspiring people.

But oh boy how happy I was to feast with amazing people, again.

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