Mocha: A love story, spread the love.

In February 2018, my mom’s friend found a pregnant dog in the residence she lives in or the dog found her. As she is one of the most caring people I have met it didn’t come as a surprise when my mother told me her friend was taking care of the dog. During this period, I made every attempt to convince my mother to get one of the puppies that would be born in the following weeks.

I told her if she could take care of it at the beginning we could transfer her to the Netherlands when she was a bit older. My dream of having a dog would be fulfilled with the help of my mom. In a teasing way, every time we talked (we talk often on the phone) I tried to list all the pros a pupster would bring to our life. She listed the cons but acknowledged that a doggo is pure source of joy. I grew up with them. I have tons of photos with all the dogs we had and the ones I found on the street and decided to give a hug. My parents snapped a photo of course of every moment back then and had to print even the most weird ones (think me age four awkwardly smooching a dog, once I even got bitten while trying to smooch one but that’s another story) I even have a photo of me laying on the belly of our dog when I was little finishing up my bottle full of baby food. I just longed for the peace and positive energy a dog brought to my life like I had back in the day when everything was ‘normal’.

I want normal, I even want normal to boring.

To my surprise, my mom adopted one puppy from the nest! Without knowing she chose the only female puppy of the nest, a sassy golden retriever mix breed. We named her Mocha.

The first time I met her I realized, she was kind of the missing piece in my life. Okay, I know it sounds mega dramatic but seriously the two weeks I spent with her were amazing. Every morning I woke up around 8AM on vacation haha if you know me you know I sleep like a Koala but I didn’t mind getting up early, feeding her, walking her, cleaning her poop. It made me happy to spend time with her! It was almost meditative …

Currently, she is growing up with all the love from my mother in Turkey and towards fall she will move here I cannot wait.

I miss her throughout the madness over here.

The video call sessions and my mom’s excellence in capturing her funniest and most crazy moments help though.

While I feel this lucky and in love with Mocha, the news flash showing me that in Turkey someone found a Labrador puppy in the woods with chopped off legs and a tail made me cry. Can you imagine? A sick soul torturing that tiny two month old innocent puppy.

People who found the dog rushed it to the vet but her tiny body was not able to survive. I cannot grasp how distorted some people are. I just cannot.

Bring more love to this world, we all need it.

Tweet, snapchat, Instagram whatever you do tell a story full of love.

Do not close up… I know we are the children of apparently a fucked up generation … in which the generation before us likes to blame everything on us they fucked up… but despite everything there must be one story that fills your heart and makes you forget all the grudges and put a smile on your face.

If not, just share the ‘Where Is the Love?’ song by The Black Eyed Peas …

The least you can do while scrolling around  …

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