This one is for you Ceren

My dearest cousin,

Seeing you in that beautiful prom dress with the most kind smile on your face through my IPhone screen was the moment it hit me how much you grew. We grew.

I remember when we were little I was annoying as fuck to you.

I remember pulling your hair.

I remember telling you not to chew loudly.

I am sorry.

I was a bitch.

I also remember us playing together, laughing loudly while running through our grandma’s house after school, emptying her fridge, and you encouraging me when I could not understand geometry classes or any class to be honest.

Out of everybody, you with the best grades in the family and all the patience could understand why I hated school back then. You understood why I sometimes randomly sobbed at night. We always hugged tight when that happened. 

The kind hearted soul you are, you always knew how to deal with me be it age 5 or 25… We always connected on a deeper level.

I remember looking at you and thinking when I grow up I want to be like her, actually I still do.

You powerful beautiful soul, you are my childhood that can never get lost.

Today you are graduating from your BA degree, I am so proud of you.

You are brave, bold, talented, kind, and intelligent. Whatever life will throw at you I know you will welcome it with grace and make something beautiful out of it.

I am blessed to have you.

I cannot thank the universe or my aunt and uncle enough.

Whatever happens I am always here for you, it doesn’t matter where I am on earth I will hop on a flight and be there for you. All you have to do this call.

The sparkle in your soul is one of a kind.

You will be going to places I know it! Put your happiness first and sail away…

Doesn’t matter where the wind takes us. I know it will be hell of a ride.

Wherever we will end up, I know that with one look at you, I will feel home.

Love you,

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