You completed the first quarter of your life, congratulations.

Another year has passed since my mom went into an intense labor and popped me into this mortal life. If Elon Musk is right, this simulation I should say but before I get into anything, mom thank you for giving me life and I am so sorry about what I did to your body in the process, I will be eternally grateful.

In the past year, I realized being a grown up is not easy but it is also not that hard. It is about showing up and living up to your best potential given the circumstances. Spoiler alert nobody is going to hand you a fairytale scenario on a silver plate. Of course, I could hide under a blanket and blame the world but no, that’s not for me. I have too much of a solution based thinking warrior in me for that kind of attitude. Who knew that my “soft” skills as a moonchild (yes I believe in the guiding role of Astrology in one’s life) would bring me this far…

I am learning to deal with certain kind of situations better and being content with who I am. Of course, there is still a lot to learn but as I am closing one quarter in my life, I realized there are 10 things that I want to take with me to the next quarter. These 10 things I learned from personal experiences, close friends, family, and “foes”:

  1. Anything that disrupts your peace in a way that it will not develop you to become a better person, drop it. It is not worth your time and energy. Always choose to evolve even if it is in small steps.
  2. Do not let your ego get to you. Always work hard, have a healthy ego but never let it get to you. Unless you are one of the Fab 5, you ain’t shit when we look at the bigger picture called the universe. Be humble.
  3. Never ever underestimate the selfishness of people. When you do an act of kindness, the minute you have done it forget about it. Setting expectations for people will only disappoint you. Whenever kindness is delivered in return, do cherish it, and keep those people close to you.
  4. Be honest and kind, hold your horses when it comes to defensiveness. Reflect on best course of action and do not jump in with verbal diarrhea. Wait and see. People will show their true colors eventually.
  5. Do not let anyone body shame you. You will never achieve the trends set by society and the industry, you will never meet the expectations of someone’s imaginary view of you. Your thighs are you, your smile is you, you are you. You know what is best for you. If you can walk or cycle to wherever you need to go in the city, do it. You do not have to be Iron man crossfit or model material, as long as you get your exercises in and take care of your body, you are good.
  6. Mental health is as important as physical well-being, do not let stigma stop you from going to therapy. Embrace therapy when needed because that only shows how willing you are to improve yourself as a person. You learning to understand your conscious and subconscious reactions will not only benefit the quality of the relationship you have with yourself but also with your loved ones. Help giving uneducated minds perspective on this matter. Be open.
  7. Having ‘me time’ is important. Whether you read during that time, meditate, apply skin care, or simply take a nap make sure to have you close to you.
  8. Family is important but that does not justify them driving you nuts sometimes, putting healthy boundaries are okay. Be respectful always.
  9. Investing is not scary and does not make you old. Also, always making sure your savings account has something in there does not make you old either, it makes you responsible. Be responsible.
  10. Book that flight when you get the chance and go when you can wherever you want. Do not be afraid of exploring. While majority do it so by backpacking through jungles I know that it is not my cup of tea. Everybody explores in a different way.

Bonus: when you really really crave something, eat it. You might drop dead tomorrow so you might as well have that carbonara or pastel de nata. Balance is key though.

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